10 Steps To Help Ease Panic Attacks, Reduce Stress and Get a Better Night's Sleep September 18 2017, 0 Comments


In 2013 we delt with some very emotionally difficult times. To be honest we still are. When this very hard journey started for us, I did not realize the full toll it would take. After the initial shock, I began having panic attacks. Something I had never personally delt with. I could not leave the house without my husband with me. The thought of being in public was terrifying. I never knew when I would break down and start crying or when I would have a panic attack in public. There were times we would have to leave stores because my attacks would be so bad. Then came the nightmares and nights on end of not sleeping. I was not caring for myself emotionally and physically. In the midst of all the craziness I did not even think to take my own herbals or advise. I discovered that self care can be hard...very hard....It is even more difficult when children are traumatized and need you.


There came a time I knew I had to take action. I decided to set down and come up with a plan of action to help myself. I acutally laughed out loud when I wrote down herbals. I had not once thought of taking Mind at Peace or Motherwort Tincture for myself. And here all these people were writing to tell me how it helped with panic attacks. Then there was Sweet Sleep Tincture to help you go to sleep and stay asleep. Like I said, self care was not at the top of my list. My grandsons were my main priority. 

I came up with a plan. I implemented it and I am happy to say that still, three years later, I rarely have a panic attack and I am sleeping much better. There are times it is still day by day. Thankfully those times are further and further apart. Here are some of the steps I have taken to help make the path I am own easier to handle. My prayer is that all or even one or two of these might help some of you ~ 

1. Listening to My Body and Mind ~ Knowing and acknowledging the early signs of a panic attack has helped. For me it is when I start feeling that tightness in my chest. That slight change in breathing. Understanding what is starting helps me to stop most full blown panic attacks from happening.

2.Go Back to the Breath ~ When I notice the early warning signs of a panic attack I go back to my breath. Slow, deep breaths in through the nose, slow breaths out through the mouth. I do this till I feel i have taken the edge off day. I try and focus on an attitude of graditude. Walk in the blessings not the stress. I will no longer allow negative events, to have so much power that they control my life, my spirit. By focusing on the gratitude I am taking away the power of the negative. 


3. Herbals ~ I take some MInd at Peace Tincture and Motherwort. Both help with stress. Mind at Peace is fast acting and calming. Motherwart helps to calm heart palpatations and soothes frazzeled nerves.  I used Motherwort on a daily bases and Mind at Peace when I started to feel a panic attack happening. 

4. Get Grounded ~ Look around you find 4 things you can see. Next find 3 things you can touch. Touch them feel their texture. Now find 2 things you can hear. Listen to each of the 2 sounds. Finally find 1 thing to taste. Really, really taste it. If it is organic chocolate feel it melting in your mouth, notice the variations in texture and taste. Do each of these things slowly.

5.Go back to the breath ~ AGAIN! I do some slow breathing and meditating. I FEEL my body and acknowledge it. 

6. Graditude ~ I start each day in prayerful graditude. It is the first thing I do every morning. I write down the things I am grateful for. This one step can really set the attitude for the day. 


7. Turn it down ~ A hour before bedtime I relax and unwind. A good book and gentle relaxing stretches trigger my mind to relax. 

8. Relaxing Herbals ~ After reading I have a cup of Mind at Peace Tea with a dropper of Sweet Sleep. Amazing how well this combination works to calm you down, help you go to sleep and stay asleep. 

9. Guided Meditation ~ Right before bed time I use guided meditation to help me relax my mind and body.

10. Soothing Nature Sounds ~ I turn on soothing nature sounds as I am going to sleep. I focus on those sounds as I lay down. This helps me to keep my mind from wandering off to stressfull topics.

I have been thankful for how these simple steps have helped. Dealing with panic attacks and sleep issues caused by stress is not easy. Not everything will work for everyone. My hope for those who suffer from panic attacks and high stress, is that you find what works for you. That you do not stop looking, until you find the peace you seek and the joy you deserve ~ Green Blessings