2 Simple Steps To Help Lower Blood Pressure May 16 2017, 0 Comments

A while back my husband Joe went to the doctor. His blood pressure had been running pretty high. Staying around 160/100 and at times even higher. His doctor explained that at the age of 65, this is a common. And even though my husband is very healthy and eats well, these things happen as we get older. The doctor wanted my husband to start on meds ASAP. Instead Joe asked for some time to go home and try to lower it on his own. The doctor was very skeptical but agreed if Joe would take his blood pressure a few times a day....


We knew our diet was very healthy. That is extremely important when looking to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The next step was to look at herbal treatments. I wanted to just use a couple at first, keep it simple to see what works. Joe ate one clove of fresh garlic a day and took 2 full droppers of our Motherwort Tincture at night. In just 3 weeks his blood pressure was down to normal! It has stayed this way. He continues using garlic and Motherwort Tincture.

Oh the doctor was amazed...He simply told Joe to keep doing what he was doing because it was working!!

FRESH GARLIC ~ Several studies show that garlic lowers blood pressure.  Researchers of a review study published in 2008 in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders concluded that the higher the starting blood pressure, the greater the reduction in the blood pressure after treatment with garlic. 1/2 of a large clove or one whole regular clove daily is recommended

MOTHERWORT TINCTURE ~ is the herb of longevity to the Japanese. , Motherwort increases vascularization and has been called "bypass in a bottle" . We started with just 2 full droppers a day and it worked. You can use a dose of 10-20 drops ( NOT full droppers), taken several times a day.