DIY ~ An Easy To Make Dandelion Oil May 18 2017, 0 Comments

I love dandelions. They are bright, cheerful and some of the first herbs I can wild craft come spring.  The entire plant is both edible and medicinal. I make teas, tinctures, salves, oils, vinegar, wine and salads from this amazing little plant. 


It saddens me to see people spraying to kill off this healing herbal. I am not sure how dandelions became the bad guys in the lawn, or who decided they needed to be killed off with harmful pesticides. Dandelions are pretty, useful and healing. On the other hand, the pesticides used to kill them are usually nasty and dangerous to our health....When I see dandelions I see a pretty, healing, herbal plant.


In the spring the first thing I make when dandelions go into bloom is Dandelion Oil. It is easy to make and extremely versatile. It can be used to soothe dry ski. Dandelion oil makes an excellent massage oil to help with muscle aches and pains while reducing tension and stress. I highly recommend it as a wonderful breast massage oil. It is highly praised for therapeutic breast massage. A recent published study suggests that dandelion possesses the therapeutic ability to eliminate heat, alleviate swelling and inflammation. 

Dandelion Oil is simple to make and a great addition to your natural medicine cabinet.


Dandelion Oil

What you need

  • Dandelion Flowers
  • Olive Oil or other base oil
  • Quart Jar
  • Mesh Strainer
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Vitamin E Capsule
  • Glass Jar

1. Gather your dandelions! To gather you dandelions, find a place away from the road and free from pesticide spray. Pick them on a sunny day. Make sure it is later in the day, after the dew has dried. 
2. Get enough dandelions to fill a mason jar at least 3/4 of the way
3. Once you bring the flowers home spread them out on a drying screen, cheese cloth or even paper towels. Due to the water content of the flowers you need to allow them to set over night. This removes the moisture from the plant. Remember oil and water do not mix.
4. Place your harvested dandelion blossoms into a clean, dry quart mason jar. Filling between 3/4 of the way to no more than 1 inch from the top. Do not pack the jar. Keep the blossoms loose.
5. Slowly fill the jar with organic olive oil or another carrier oil like grapeseed. You will see little air bubbles floating to the top. I use little wooden skewers to stir down the blossoms and encourage the air bubbles to release. Air, like water can cause oils to spoil. Cover tightly with a lid
6. Place the jar in a warm and sunny spot and let it steep for two weeks. Unlike most infused oils, which generally require four or more weeks, dandelion oil only requires two-weeks. Since the flowers have so much moisture in them, steeping longer than two-weeks increases the likelihood of developing mold.
7. Every couple of days check the oil and gently shake it to encourage the blossoms to release their healing properties. 
8. After 2 weeks place a cheesecloth in a strainer and strain the oil into a clean sterilized bowl. Press on the blossoms to get all the oil out then squeeze the cheese cloth. Pour the oil into a clean sterilized jar.  Add the oil of one vitamin E capsule to help keep the oil viable. 

You now have your dandelion oil ready to use. If there is more than you need share it with a friend. Or Two 

Note: All oils can go rancid. Use oil within one year. Keep in a cool, dark place. 

Green Blessings ~ Tamara