Journey To Health ~ 1 healthy change, 1 week at a time ~ WEEK 1 January 03 2017, 1 Comment



To be whole, to be healthy, we need to heal our body, mind and spirit. Many times we seek change in big, bold, overwhelming ways. All at once we decide to change our diet, exercise more, meditate, do yoga, eat organic, go outside more....the list goes on and on. Then when we feel overwhelmed by all the changes. When we miss doing one of the many goals we set for ourselves, a flashing mental sign saying YOU FAILED shows up. Discouragement usually follows....and healthy start falling to the wayside. That healthy change seems like a long forgotten dream. 


This year I decided to seek better wellness in a different way. I knew I still needed to address multiple changes, in my body, mind and spirit ~  What if I changed the approach? What if I did one step at a time instead of trying to cross a mile at a time? I could make this a journey, where each step, each change stands on its own. A journey where each step builds on the other. A journey that could lead to true health in all aspects of my life. So starting this week I am making one healthy change to my life. Next week I will add in another change. By years end I could make up to 52 healthy changes! Even if I miss a week or two, I would still be much closer to real, whole health than every before. 

Starting today you can join me on a Journey to Health ~ 1 healthy change, 1 week at a time. Lets start the journey now...


Just breathe....slowly....deeply....Deep breathing is not only relaxing, it's been scientifically proven to affect the heart, the brain, digestion, the immune system — and maybe even the expression of genes. 

Many of us live in a state of high stress. This stress triggers the sympathetic nervous system. It's part of the "fight or flight" response.

The long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the subsequent overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones — can disrupt almost all your body's processes. This puts you at increased risk of numerous health problems, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Headaches
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Memory and concentration impairment

That's why it's so important to learn healthy ways to cope with the stress in your life.

Breathing deeply is a well-known stress reliever and has a multitude of health benefits as well. Most of the time we breathe very shallow. But slow, deep breathing actually stimulates the parasympathetic reaction calming us down. It can lower blood pressure, stimulate the immune system and so much more. 

By taking a few breaks a day to breathe deeply, to fill the lungs and bring air deep down into them, we drive more oxygen into the body. Increased oxygen is beneficial for all of our body’s processes, systems and organs. 

To get these benefits you need to only breathe deeply for a few minutes a day. I am taking 4 breaks a day to breathe. Each break is only 1 minute long.  I do my first breathing session when I wake up.  One mid morning. One in the afternoon. One in the evening.  Because I work from home I do not have assigned breaks. The first few days I set a reminder to let me know it was time to stop and breathe. If you work outside the home you can do your breathing on during your work breaks. I know I am already seeing the benefits of deep breathing. I am calmer. I have more energy. My afternoon headaches have gone away too!  So lets breathe....

Deep Breathing Exercise

Breathe in and count to five while you draw the air in through your nose deep into your lungs. Hold for 3 seconds and release slowly through your mouth for 5 seconds.

As you breathe in picture pure white, healing light entering your body. As you breathe out imagine releasing all your toxins both physically and emotionally. 

Deep breathing is one of the easiest ways to improve your health dramatically that you can easily do from anywhere, at any time. It costs nothing and takes very little effort. 

TIP ~ In the evenings, before my deep breathing, I enjoy a cup of Mind at Peace Tea.  After sipping on the tea, I do my deep breathing exercise for a full minute. I take a few more minutes for meditation. This combination helps me to relax prior to bed and go to sleep faster.