One of my favorite ways to work with herbals is in tincture form. An herbal tincture is simply an herbal extract.  Our DIY Kits are crafted to help you create natural herbal remedies, in a very simple and real way. 

With our kits you will be using the the Folk Method of tincture making. The Folk Method is a simple way to make tinctures without having to worry over weighing the herbs or doing a lot of calculating. The Folk Method is used by many herbalist and it has been used for centuries to create quality tinctures.  If properly prepared and stored, your tincture can last indefinitely.

I invite you to take a step forward in creating simple natural herbal remedies for yourself and your loved ones. 


Our DIY FOLK MEDICINE TINCTURE KITS are the perfect way to get you started in making your own herbal medicines for your family.

Each of our kits contain the following: 

1 pint glass jar to brew your tincture in
1 oz of individual herb or herbal blend
2 1oz amber dropper bottles
Labels for your finished tincture 
Detailed instructions including dosage