Wild Leaf Artisan Tea & Infused Seasonal Honey





Artisan, handcrafted teas and tisanes are like fine wines; they open up a sensuous experience of texture, taste & aroma. Wild Leaf teas and tisanes are organic healthy infusions, crafted to please the palate and delight the senses. We expertly blend organic leafs, herbs, fruits, flowers, spices, and essential oils to create the ultimate tea experience. Everything is natural and we use no artificial flavorings.

All of our teas are blended with as many local ingredients as possible. We gather fruits, herbs, flowers and spices, from local gardens, farms and forest ~ giving you a touch of mountain magic in every tea we create. You will find many of our teas taste as delicious over ice, as they do steeping hot in a mug. 

Ancient, magical and medicinal our raw, unpasteurized herbal honey is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. And it is simply delicious. A true treat for your taste bud..... Appalachian Mountain goodness from our home to yours...