Pain Therapy Extract

$ 12.00

Crafted to help ease acute and chronic pain naturally and with out addictions. 

Ingredients: Wild Lettuce, California Poppy and White Willow Bark. 

~ Wild Lettuce - Due to its pain relieving and anxiety reducing properties, Wild Lettuce was at one time used as a substitute for opium. Wild Lettuce helps to relieve chronic pain, muscle/joint pains, headaches and more. It is used to help relieve severe anxiety.  Wild lettuce contains no opium and is non habit forming. 

~ California Poppy - Traditionally used for the relief of general pain, anxiety and restlessness. This is a close relative to the opium poppy but does not contain any actual opium and it is non habit forming.

~White Willow Bark - Used for centuries for pain relief and to reduce inflammation. Contains salicin, which is similar to asprin. Salicin in combination with the herbs powerful anti-inflammatory flavonoids is considered to be responsible for the pain relieving& anti-inflammatory effects of the herb. In the 1800's White Willow was used to develop asprin. White Willow's pain relieving effects last longer than aspirin and does not irritate the stomach.

Dosage: 20 drops under the tongue or in juice/water 3 to 4 times a day.
PRECAUTIONS: Treat the same as aspirin


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