Alfalfa Leaf~ Organic

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In traditional American folk medicine, it has been administered as a tonic that supports health by nourishing the body. It has been called the king of plants because it is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa leaf contains a broad spectrum of nutrients, including considerable quantities of protein, trace mineral and vitamins, dietary fiber and chlorophyll, which serves as an antioxidant in the bloodstream.

  • A good source of carotene (Vitamin A) and a little known vitamin – Vitamin K.
  • Has eight of the essential amino acids and the highest chlorophyll content of any plant. Note: Essential amino acids are not made by the body, but have to be supplied daily by our food or supplements.
  • Permits rapid assimilation of plant elements; this is one of the reasons alfalfa is used as a base in many combinations and in vitamin formulas.

Precautions: Avoid while taking blood-thinning agents.

How to use: Alfalfa can be taken in capsules,teas or infusions. Alfalfa tea is mild and good tasting, and blends well with many other tonic herbs like nettle, mints, and citrus.


3 oz 

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